What the project is, what it aims to do, how it is being funded & managed.

What is Prime Dorper Lamb?

Prime Dorper Lamb is premium lamb from genuine Dorper sheep.

Prime Dorper Lamb matches carefully developed specifications to provide the best eating experience Australia’s premier Dorper sheep producers can provide.  The specifications developed by the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia (DSSA) ensure the genetic origin of the lamb, the production systems, the processing and delivery to you, our customers.  You can recognise Prime Dorper Lamb by the logo:

Dorper ™ Logo.jpg

Prime Dorper Lamb is produced through a quality assured provenance system. All Prime Dorper Lamb is branded with the Prime Dorper Lamb logo and the establishment number where it is being processed.


Who are the DSSA?

The Dorper Sheep Society of Australia inc (DSSA) was established soon after the introduction of Dorpers to Australia in 1996. Since that time the DSSA has managed and maintained a registry of pedigree and breeding information for both sires and dams, maintaining high genetic integrity.


Where can I buy Prime Dorper Lamb?

The home of Prime Dorper Lamb is the PDL Marketplace. 

This is our electronic marketplace where Dorper meat is sold, directly by our producers to either butchers, restaurants or our customers.  No middlemen. No distributors.  Just direct, clear sales where the producers stand by the product you eat. Full traceability. Full knowledge of the source and genuine article.


How do I buy Prime Dorper Lamb?

Prime Dorper Lamb will soon be available through the PDL Marketplace to buyers in Victoria and South-East Queensland.  We are starting our production systems very simply and clearly to make sure that we deliver only the best product. This is so we can guarantee you the best eating experience. We will be bringing supply online as we develop demand and as buyers register with PDL Marketplace.


What is a Dorper

In the 1930s the need arose for a sheep breed which could produce fast growing lambs with a high quality carcass under extensive conditions. Originally bred for the arid regions of South Africa, Dorpers originate from the cross breeding of Blackhead Persian ewes with a Dorset Horn ram.  Later some Van Rooy genetics were introduced to white variants to breed the White Dorper.

Introduced to Australia in mid-1990s, White Dorper and Dorper numbers have been rapidly growing, due to their potential to adapt to the many varying climates and grazing conditions that Australia has to offer.  There are estimated to be around 2 million Dorper ewes in Australia by 2017.


What is the Dorper Advantage?

Dorpers were bred to produce a high-quality carcass under extensive conditions. Amongst breeders they have the reputation of rapid weight gain, excellent carcass conformation, fantastic fat distribution, are non-selective grazers and they have excellent feed conversion. With their shedding ability, they are low maintenance and do not require shearing, mulesing, crutching or tail docking. Dorpers and White Dorpers are also highly fertile and very maternal, producing fast growing vigorous lambs. They are polyoestrus and lambing intervals of little more than six months can be achieved and systems based on eight-month lambing intervals are common. Many breeders believe that the Dorpers’ natural pigmentation also protects them from skin cancers.