We live in a world where you no longer have to choose between doing the right thing for others and doing the right thing for you.

For the past 12 months we have been developing a system that revolutionises the way Australian Prime Dorper Lamb can be accessed by everyday people, self-appointed chefs, lamb enthusiasts and gourmet dining lovers as well as the professional chefs and butchers across the country.

The product is premium, graded Prime Dorper Lamb. It is a breed produced ethically and a reputation for bringing another level of incredible flavour to lamb. Even better though, buying it through the PDLMarketplace is better for Australian farmers because they’re in control, they’re the ones getting the premium for their hard work, not everyone else along the supply chain.

The system means you know which farm your lamb came from and the stories of the hard working, salt of the earth farmers who raised it.

We are bringing Prime Dorper Lamb to selected retail partners around Melbourne and Brisbane in December 2018 with plans to expand across the country in 2019. Sign up below to be the first to know about where you can buy Prime Dorper Lamb through the PDLMarketplace and be part of the revolution.

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